Imperial, extravagant, audacious, refined; the Romanov legacy is one of sinners and saints gathered beneath a watchful court of golden stars. These pieces are inspired by the lavish coronations and gilded secrets of the House of Romanov.

A white woman gazes into the distance with soft brown eyes and pink lips, her hand draped over her head toward an ornate pair of chandelier earrings made of antiqued gold filligree and crystals.
Coronation Chandelier Earrings

legacy & lore

Ensconced in St. Petersburg tucked far away from fields lain fallow and harsh Russian winters, the Romanovs existed in a cycle of masquerade balls and elegant ballets. Upon coronation, the Tsar would hold God's will in his right hand and declare his commands heavenly ordained—a mixta persona.

And yet, placed upon such a lofty pedestal, where were the Romanovs to go but toppling over the edge? A red storm stole the palace, the family, the centuries-old legacy in one sharp blow.

But the legend of Anastasia Romanov's escape continues to enchant the world a full century later. 

“I dreamed that I was loved. I woke and found it true."

An oil painting of a royal wedding or coronation, featuring a central royal white couple in ermine furs and red brocade standing before a priest. In the background are ladies and gentlemen in wealthy garb.

the rise & fall of a romantic empire

The delicate labyrinthine design of Fabergé eggs and ghosts of the grand palace design. Portraits and diaries, letters to the Tsar Nicholass II known as Papa and smuggled diadems rich with sapphires. Stories of a gentle Grand Duke Konstantin and his young lover, Yatsko.

We create from the myth of Romanov as much as the reality because where aristocrats have fallen, 

there is always lore to be spun.

A white woman in a simple, black silk dress faces an ornate golden mirror. Her dark, curly hair is pinned up behind her neck, and an elegant pair of earrings with deep blue stones dangles at her lobes. She holds onto an antique chair in front of an antique wooden desk.
Konstantin Earrings ; Lady with Doves Ring

konstantin earrings

These resplendent earrings are inspired by the Grand Duke Konstantin, who from childhood was more interested in art, music, and writing than any sort of military upbringing. 

While he married Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Altenburg, he filled his diaries with devotion to his true love, a young man named Yatsko.

The original edition contains sapphire blue stones while the limited edition's stones contain a subtle tint of green, elegant and serene.

An oranate, diamond-shaped metal filigree earring of antiqued gold hangs from a white woman
Konstantin Earrings

Jewelry fit for a Coronation

A white woman in a soft, white dress perches on a dark marble fireplace mantle below a hand-painted antique wall design, looking off to the right. It
Coronation Cuff Bracelet

coronation cuff bracelet

In a court gleaming with gold, harboring extravagance down to the finest detail, this hand-engraved cuff is elegantly rendered to add a kiss of refinement to any ensemble.

This, combined with the Coronation Chandelier Earrings featured in our opening image, harken back to Mikhail Romanov who was bestowed the Russian crown in 1613, becoming the first Tsar of Russia from the House of Romanov. 

We like to think these refined pieces would be chosen by the court for this coronation.

mixta persona stud earrings

These vintage hand-painted intaglios depict a golden saint in front of a blue sky, surrounded by a shimmering gallery of stars. 

The name of the earrings, Mixta Persona, stems from a traditional Russian coronation in which the ruler was considered “part priest and part layman, but never fully whole.”

inspired by the crown of a tsar

Coronation Hoop Earrings

With a band of golden filigree and three citrine-colored glass stones, these earrings are inspired by the first Tsar Mikhail Romanov’s Russian crown—regal, elegant, and timeless.

Antiqued gold over brass with three, citrine-colored German glass stones dangling from the end.

About Fallen Aristocrat

Fallen Aristocrat is a jewelry line inspired by travel, history, and imperfect things that tell a story. Handmade in the United States, the jewelry is cast in brass and luxuriously plated in antiqued gold for a storied look of time.

Designer Paula Danyluk, owner of the renowned Paris Market in Savannah, Georgia, has long been drawn to things with a past. Musing on her own personal collection of vintage charms and French coins, she set out to create a new generation of heirloom jewelry by creating pieces that feel at once extravagant and everyday, modern with a vintage appeal.

Our debut collection of Fallen Aristocrat is named the First Empire and features four series: Bonaparte, Romonov, Museum, and Lover’s Eye—but we've added on others since. Explore them in our collections at the top of the site!

All fine photography is by Jamie Beck, featuring model Louis Pascal at Chateau Gudanes in 2018.

Fallen Aristocrat