A romantic image of a white woman with dark brown, curly hair and round, warm brown eyes, she leans over in a vintage blue silk dress, one hand extended before her as if in conversation. Around her wrist, throat, and dangling from either ear hang charms.

Museum Jewelry Collection

Artful and eclectic, with an air of eccentricity, these pieces were created with vintage cameos, intaglios, and scarabs sourced in France, as well as vibrant hand-cut glass stones from Germany.
Fallen Aristocrat
A powerful image of a white Frenchwoman wearing an antique white collared shirt against an antique mural. She looks directly at the camera with deep brown eyes, a regal blue-stoned earring hanging below her lobe.

Romanov Jewelry Collection

This jewelry line is inspired by the lavish coronations and gilded secrets of the House of Romanov—a line dressed in divinity even as the world crumbles below.
Fallen Aristocrat
A powerful image of a white Frenchwoman in a black vintage-feeling jacket stands holding a massive, antique French flag with her hand tucked beneath her breast pocket of her jacket.

Bonaparte Jewelry Collection

A masterful jewelry collection of imperial wonder and ill-fated romance, named for the love story of Napoleon Bonaparte and his empress, Joséphine.
Fallen Aristocrat