Legends invite power. Lessons make us wise.

There is a collective mythos whispered across empires and eras, bearing symbols for protection and prosperity, joy-bringers and ego-breakers. Gathered like fables at a grandmother's feet, the lesson of rebirth is one repeated across space and time.

We begin with the Evil Eye.

To adorn oneself with the evil eye is to claim protection against wicked energy, harmful thoughts, and a jealous gaze. It appears in several of our charms, from the more modern approach with an enamel-painted blue iris and golden backdrop to the signet ring marked by a crystal at its center.

Coupled with the freshwater pearl’s attraction to light and wisdom, our evil eye earrings offer the chance to invite luck in, and reject the bad while the Hamsa symbol on our petite necklace meant for layering is rooted in the ancient Middle Eastern myth of Fatima, adopted across religions and cultures as a talisman to ward off the evil eye, and draw in health and abundance.


Since ancient times, the cicada has been a symbol of resurrection due to its fascinating life cycle. ⁠

Captured in gold, this intricately detailed design adds a spark of mystery to any ensemble—available as earrings in a 14k finish, antiqued gold finish, brooch, or a charm.

Myths of Ancient Egypt

Symbols, Lore & Luxury in gold

The Scarab

Esteemed symbol of the sungod, the Scarab was revered by Ancient Egyptians as a symbol of birth, life, death, and resurrection—a never ending cycle displayed in their quest to roll dung along the banks of the Nile. For as the sun is reborn every morning, so too did they believe their dead might become when marked by the sign of the Scarab beetle— intricate, beautiful, and mysterious in one. 

One of our first designs (seen above) depicts a genuine carnelian stone that appears lit from within by sunlight, carved in the motif of a scarab. The same, golden motif is also captured in our Scarab Earrings, glinting gold and holding the same citrine-colored stones as our Coronation Hoop Earrings

Nekhau Egyptian Fish Pendant

Along the river Nile, Catfish once swam belly-up, a strange behavior replicated first along temple walls, and then crafted by the ancients into pendants of beaten gold. Nekhau amulets (seen below) promised regeneration, gifted to young girls to attach vertically at the end of their intricate braids as a protection against drowning, and a reminder life continues on.

Figa Hand Pendants

The figa sign has been used across cultures to strike messages both playful and powerful, offering protection to all who wear it. This charms made of pale stone holds delicate chains with additional trinkets and jewels.

Rooted in an ancient Lemurian ritual meant to ward off corrupted spirits of the departed, this charm is entirely unique in its design. We invite you to embrace its protection, and adjust it to your style.

Myths of Ancient Greece

jewelry inspired by legend

Forbidden Fruit Charm

To change one’s fate is a precarious thing. There it lingers in front of you, choice wrapped in fruit that’s soft, sweet, and forbidden—a reminder that where light dwells within us, shadows linger also. 

Do you dare take the bite?

A hand-shaped charm modeled by our master jeweler with two fingers extended to reach for a peacock freshwater pearl as Eve was said to reach for the apple, or Persephone for the fruit. 

Persephone Pomegranate Earrings

Guardian of Spring and an eternal maiden-fair, Persephone dwelt listlessly among flower fields until power and purpose arrived in a choice cloaked by shadow: three pomegranate seeds for three months of darkness, named Queen of the Underworld at Lord Hades’ side.

It is a legend of power sparked by a choice, all contained in the symbol of the ruby-red pomegranate—a lasting motif from the heart of Ancient Greece. 

Hand of Midas Necklace

The legend of King Midas is a caution, and a curiosity: a man with the foresight to invite a god into his home, and the foolishness to wish that everything he touches turns to gold. 

Inspired by this lore, we crafted a golden hand encased in a circle, caught in an endless loop that may be worn around the throat or wrist as a bracelet.

You can add charms to the thick, rolo chains or the loop where the hand and toggle meet to create a unique feature all your own—or link two Hand of Midas necklaces into a single, golden belt at your waist.

Star signs & symbols | Zodiac Charms

Some people live their lives by the stars while others gaze at the sky and gather stories from their patterns. Our collection of zodiac charms are inspired by vintage French designs, intricately detailed to represent symbols of the 12 astrological signs in a rotating elemental pattern of fire, earth, air, and water, starting with the birth of spring: Aries. 


Firebrand and fighter, crumbling stone with a dedicated blow—Aries is audacious, ambitious, optimistic, bold. 

The Ram acts on impulse, racing across mountaintops and ruins to romance new challenges and abandon afterthoughts to the breeze.

March 21 — April 19

Taurus Zodiac Charm

Held intimately by the earth and crowned in its roses, Taurus is a sensual creature—grounded, devoted, resilient, thorough. 

Anchoring the zodiac with the symbol of a loyal, peace-loving bull, Taurus is content to graze emerald fields in search of the perfect poppy, yet always ready to fight when it counts.

April 20 — May 20.

Gemini Zodiac Charm

Beloved by air yet eternally seeking their other half, Gemini is mercurial—housing a deep capacity for affection and an abundance of curiosity. 

Their quick-wit and intrinsic duality is represented by the mark of the celestial twins, acting as guides for change and pioneers of transformation.

May 21 — June 20

Cancer Zodiac Charm

Ruled by the moon’s ceaseless pull upon the tide, Cancer is tenacious, imaginative, sensitive, and influential. 

Among the world’s flow but not a part of its cycle, the crab initiates a change guided by otherworldly intuition. They honor their vulnerability by building a protective shell, but proven trustworthy, one cannot find a more sacred and loyal friend.

June 21 — July 22

Leo Zodiac Charm

Cloaked in sunlight wild as a lion’s mane, Leo’s blood runs with fire—courage, vivacity, passion, and strength. 

Driven by a primal creative force, these fearless optimists rise against every challenge, marking an irresistible path across the world.

July 23 — August 22

Virgo Zodiac Charm

Bound by earth as the sky swirls endlessly above, Virgo is methodic, industrious, pure of thought and intention. 

Elegant in her mastery, the winged maiden sifts through autumn’s harvest with a diligent hand—a conductor of chaos into order, weaving patterns to cloak the world in clarity and kindness.

August 23 — September 22

Libra Zodiac Charm

Creature of air crowned in justice, Libra shapes a perfect world between her palms—clever, gracious, charming, fair. 

A balance struck of keen mind and bleeding heart weighs visions of what could be as she harnesses light and shadow into the purest composition with a sweep of her brush.

September 23 — October 22

Scorpio Zodiac Charm

Blazing trails of mystery bathed in the tides, Scorpio is authentic, passionate, resourceful, magnetic. 

She carves stone into sanctuary with cool precision, plotting paths like veins leading to a heart only the trusted may hold—yet in their honest hands it promises to burn forever bright.

October 23 — November 21

Sagittarius Zodiac Charm

Wanderlust burns bright at the heart of Sagittarius—curious, enthusiastic, playful, blunt. 

Championed by the archer’s dance through a wild wood, she weaves stories of her studies and glimpses gold around every tree, evolving with the seasons to begin anew with the perpetual dawn.

November 22 — December 21

Capricorn Zodiac Charm

Equipped to scale the steepest mountains and navigate open sea, Capricorn is steadfast, ambitious, strategic, and rebellious. 

What some call stubborn, she knows is wise—a path without boundary is a field of war, truth is better when it bites, love determines labor, and beneath the steady earth beats a wild, molten core.

December 22 — January 19

Aquarius Zodiac Charm

Pondering freedom as the wind whips recklessly by, Aquarius is eclectic, creative, spontaneous, revolutionary. 

Her innovative spirit calls the waterbearer forth to cleanse stagnant streams of consciousness and invite a greater reality in—a link between the stars.

January 20 — February 18

Pisces Zodiac Charm

Split the realm of fantasy and reality with gentle Pisces—compassionate, sensitive, magical, wise. 

Song pours from her unfathomable depths, coaxing the dueling fish to catch sunlight in their scales and tint the world a hundred shades of rose.

February 19 — March 20

rings of serpents & everlasting life

With origins in both Eastern and Western cultures, the snake is one of the oldest mythological figures representing rebirth or immortality with the shedding of their skin. Wrap your fingers with this symbol of divine creative power, wealth and fertility.

Linger a while, and contemplate the many facets of this life—and the next.


Fallen Aristocrat