A scattering of four, golden cicadas with detailed wings and heads rests over dark-veined white marble, two amber-colored beer glasses perched above with sunlight streaming through.

Mythos Jewelry Collection

A collection of legends and lore trapped in gold, from scarabs to cicadas, pomegranates and forbidden motifs, zodiac charms, and more. Legends invite power, lessons make us wise.
Fallen Aristocrat
Against a dramatic, deep blue background, golden roses rest in a glass vase and on top of an antique book open to display French text. A white person's hand holds a magnifying glass over the rose and book, and at its center is the enlarged image of a hori

Lover's Eye Jewelry Collection

A collection of miniature eye portaits painted in partnership with a local artist, framed in brooches and pendants after an 18th century tradition sparked by a forbidden love story.
Fallen Aristocrat